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Let There be Light

Let There be Light

Let There be Light

Style soars in white on white,
Anchored above with arched trusses,
and below with Brazilian walnut.
Bronze hardware adds punctuation.
Marble and glazed tiles provide the finish.

kitchen design dreams and goals…

"…we wanted a kitchen that would be the ‘heart’ of our home. We wanted a working kitchen as well as a space for entertaining, eating a family meal, hanging around, doing homework projects, cooking together, and having coffee with a friend."

- Tina Griffin

"Function was my first goal. I wanted a kitchen that worked for my daily needs and also one that would serve as the ‘hub’ during both casual and formal gatherings. It was also very important to me that my kitchen would have a feeling of warmth—that it would be a place that was so inviting that everyone would want to be there."

- Sandy Kasischke

"We wanted to incorporate the natural materials and high quality decor from the living/dining room area as part of the kitchen, making it one large area."

- Cathy Scriven