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Contemporary Elegance

Contemporary Elegance

Contemporary Elegance

The vertical meets the linear to sublime effect.
Bronze, walnut, African veneer, and French limestone
Form a beautiful space in modernist themes.
Not one, but two islands.

thoughts about working with a kitchen designer…

"It was great having a designer to explain all the elements to us."

- Dana Selis

"It is a must. The knowledge and experience that Liz has is worth its weight in gold."

- John & Nancy Banks

"It had become painfully clear that we needed an expert to find the layout possibilities within the confines of the available space. We were stuck in the early design phase and didn’t know how to complete our vision. Experienced feedback was needed for all the ideas we had been considering."

- Laura Steele

"Designers can help lay out and prioritize the amount of space and storage for your personal requirements — tailor made!"

- Julee Zook