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Casual Sophistication

Casual Sophistication

Casual Sophistication

From an inconvenient floor plan to an open space that literally glows, this waterside Bay Harbor remodel illustrates how getting the footprint right can make all the difference in a new kitchen. Originally, an inconveniently-placed kitchen entrance disrupted the flow. To reconfigure the space and improve functionality, the door was repositioned, allowing easy access for incoming groceries and for the creation of an expanded L-shaped surface. A second challenge involved the seating area: the owner wanted comfortable, casual dining with a view of the entire space. The solution was to construct a generous, light-emitting bay window with curved bench seating fronted by a handcrafted curved walnut table. The built-in seating also met the owner’s request for television viewing, cleverly installed in the island end panel. The granite peninsula offers 42” high bar stool seating and creates a kitchen and living area division. The overall effect is that of a great room, delineated for tasks and relaxation.

Overall style is understated eclecticism—a mix of cottage-comfort, elegant lines, and shiny surfaces. The focal point is the range wall; antiqued mirror tiles form a backdrop for the stainless range hood with steel matte black accents. Pendant lights encased in black repeat the theme. The massive island, supported by corner pilasters, is topped with opaque Iceburg granite, cleverly lit from beneath for an elegant nighttime glow. Finally, horizontal shiplap on the ceiling and peninsula combine with rich tones of wide walnut flooring, giving a sophisticated, yet inviting look.

kitchen design dreams and goals…

"To create a space that was colorful, warm, and looked like it had always been part of our vacation home."

- Kathleen & Larry Acker

"The design keeps the non-participants out of the way of the cook. And even more important, the cook (usually me) gets the vantage point of seeing all the lake activity, living room, family room, patio and porch areas, and front entry. How good is that?"

- Linda Johnson

"We wanted a small, cozy, but very functional kitchen for preparing dinner for two, or twenty, or more."

- Susie Simon

"We wanted contemporary beauty with functionality."

- Carol & Jim Stroud