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At the Cottage

At the Cottage

At the Cottage

The Provencal kitchen.
Effortlessly stylish, but, oh, so practical.
Soft-green bead board frames distressed pine.
Mullioned fronts for treasures and necessities.
Farmhouse table beckons.

fondest kitchen memory…

"Once our project was complete, we had our first gathering. Everyone brought their famous food dishes. They instinctively went to our island/buffet area to set up, then migrated to our entertaining/bar area. Not once did someone question where things should be! Then, as the last person arrived I heard, “Man, the food actually looks better in this kitchen.”

- Julee Zook

"My first cup of coffee on December 12, when, after 19 months, we were back in our own house."

- Pat Summers

"My husband loves to cook in this kitchen, too; that was worth it."

- Sue Hartemayer