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The Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is far more than the utilitarian catch-all it once was. Basins have been restyled for function and relocated for convenience; and while the traditional double sink is still common, it is not the only choice. Small specialized sinks are strategically placed for particular jobs—a prep sink near a refrigerator drawer or cooktop, another at the children’s snack center, and still another in the entertainment area. Remarkably, major manufacturers now offer sink centers that include a burner with integrated cooking vessel and set-in cutting board. Task centers combine meal planning, storage, prep, and clean-up in one flowing unit. Stylistically, the choices are seemingly endless. Materials as diverse as porcelain, enamel-coated cast iron, metal, stone, and synthetics are commonly used. Whether one-of-a-kind, free form, high style, or nostalgic, sinks are highly visible components of the total kitchen design. Likewise, faucets must perform—the stove-side pot-filler faucet is a good example—but not without a keen sense of style. Faucet handles might be polished, rubbed, or distressed, or fitted out with embellishments of stone, porcelain, or wood. It is a happy marriage of utility and artistry.


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