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The Storage Solution

The modern kitchen is an organizational wonder thanks to an industry-wide evolution in cabinetry. Yes, there are still adjustable shelves behind some of those doors, but the options have become specialized to address tasks and storage needs. Cabinets might have rollout shelves for easy access to large pots and small appliances. Pullout bins are a useful cache for recyclables. Cabinets dedicated to canned goods work extra hard with tall, two-sided pullout racks—no more blind reaching to the back of the cabinet—and smaller vertical cabinets near the cook/prep center store spices and other seasonings. Drawers, too, have benefited from this change: custom inserts eliminate the clutter of utensils or cutlery; felt-lined drawers store and protect silver; wide shallow drawers keep table linens wrinkle-free; or deep drawers with removable peg systems store dishes. Visual impact is not forgotten, however. Decorative plate racks, custom cookbook shelves, and glass-fronted display cabinets look good, but also function well for everyday use. In short, custom storage keeps the kitchen in good working order.


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