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A Fine Finish

Beyond its obvious importance as storage, today’s cabinetry is in keeping with the workmanship and detailing of fine furniture. Distinctive woods, native or exotic, are rubbed, carved and coaxed to perfection. For the post-modernist, the details are in the rich grain of a fine wood, or the subtle sheen of an unexpected material such as stainless steel. A current approach calls for a generous mix of wood finishes and decorator colors. Painted cabinets—distressed, softly glazed, or finished to a high sheen—add a charge of color and work congenially with their wood counterparts. And just as colors mix, so do wood tones. It is not at all unusual for several colors and wood finishes to share space—and define task areas—in the custom kitchen. Maple and mahogany, pine and alder, for example, can easily co-exist with cream and sage, or red and blue. Cabinetry loves to put on a show.


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