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Working Parts

White or pink? Avocado or burnt orange? Almond or stainless? We can tell the decades by the color of our appliances, but now our choices are far more diverse than color. Today’s appliances have been deconstructed and reconfigured to perform their basic tasks in more convenient ways and in multiple locations. It’s a strategy that makes sense and contributes to a new sense of ease in the kitchen. Streamlined components integrated into the cabinetry are key to this new way of thinking. Drawers, for example, function as refrigerators, dishwashers, freezers, and microwaves. Have one or multiples in strategic locations for prep, cooking, clean-up, and entertaining. Wine coolers, once considered extravagant, have become the must-have item in many kitchens. Newer to the American kitchen, but gaining steady ground, are built-in computerized coffee makers, ready and able to brew a single cup of coffee, espresso, or cappuccino on demand. Microwave and convection ovens can handle virtually any task on their own, or lend back-up to the European ranges that anchor the well-planned room. Cooktops, too, have evolved to serve multiple needs. Grills, woks, steamers, and combination gas/electric burners are routine features. Out of sight—but all-important—are the structural supports, venting systems, and power sources needed to accommodate these myriad appliance choices. In fact, choosing appliances and their locations is a crucial early step in kitchen planning.


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